at_at_glance_pre-primary_enrichment_new.jpg - 62.05 KbWe inaugurated our Pre-Primary Montessori plus Enrichment program in 2009 as our first full-day program for children under 5.

From our perspective, a full day of Montessori for children under 5 is simply not productive. While 3- and 4-year-olds learn and develop quickly, they require time to cultivate other skills, to play, and to allow their Montessori experience to sink in.

Our Pre-Primary plus Enrichment program combines attendance in our half-day Pre-Primary Montessori program with a half-day of our Enrichment curriculum designed to complement the Montessori experience for ages 3 and 4, with lunch and rest time in between.

Rather than focusing on Montessori materials and Montessori works, the Enrichment curriculum exposes children to strategy games (such as chess and logic- and sequence-based board games), science, history, play acting, songs, art projects, sports, music and dance.

In addition to independent work and small group lessons, during Enrichment we do many activities together, emphasizing cooperation, sharing , and fun.

Enrichment fosters social development, team participation and cultural literacy.

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