Admissions Update (September 1, 2018) Schedule a Tour!

For September 2018 (this month!), we have openings; if you’re a family sitll looking for the bestg program for you child.  CALL/TEXT NOW (201-816-8343)

The Montessori House School in Tenafly, NJ is currently accepting applications for all our programs for September 2019.

We have full-day and half-day Montessori program openings available for children born after October 15, 2012 and before October 15, 2017 including:

  • For ages 5 & 6: our mixed age Montessori Kindergarten/First Grade program (full-day, half-day for Kindergarten age only)
  • For ages 3 & 4: our mixed age Montessori Pre-Primary program (full-day or half-day)
  • For under age 3: our Montessori Stepping Stones program (children start at 30 months– 2.5 years)  (full-day or half-day)

To be considered for placement, families submit a paid application (download here) and visit the school for a tour.

We offer tours most school days starting September 24, 2018.  Tours are most informative  when the classroom is filled with students and teachers.  Consequently, we prefer to conduct tours when classes are in session.  A personal, private tour  usually take about 45 minutes, with a generous amount of time in one or two classrooms — depending on your child’s age, we will show you the program they would enter initially, but also show you the programs available in future years.   (Note, we spend the most time in the classroom on an “adults only” tour, and strongly recommend”adults only”, if you have childcare available.  With toddlers along, we may spend less time in the classroom, and will ask that you hold your child’s hand throughout the tour).

We generally schedule tours to start between 9:00 and 10:15 in the morning, or around 1:00 in the afternoon.  You may schedule a personal tour by texting/calling us at 201-816-8343.  Or, we’ll contact you: e-mail us at with your phone number and your child’s birth date, and we’ll reach out to schedule a visit.

Summary of our enrollment process:  We take applications throughout the year.  In December 2018, we will offer placement to returning families for September 2019.  IN January we begin to offer placement to new families, roughly in the order we’ve receivved their applications.  After January, we have rolling admissions until a program is filled, after which we form a wait list.

We urge families interested in entering September 2019 to act now: schedule a school visit and submit an application .

For more information please contact us text/call us at 201-816-8343.

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