Kindergarten Favorite Foods — Graduating June 2024

Food!  Glorious Food!

A year-end Montessori House tradition has the graduating Kindergarten students bring a favorite food to the All-School Party following their graduation ceremony.  Each Kindergarten student brings 15 to 20 servings of their favorite food — the school provides plates, napkins, drinks, and additional refreshments.

We’ve asked the Kindergarten families to let us know what food their graduates have chosen.  Here’s a sneak peek that we’ll keep updated as families report in:

Al. Ki.
Av. Ju.
Ch. Je.
Du. To. Snowflake Crisps
El. Ka.
Em. Ch.
Jo. No.
Ma. PL.
Ma. Bl.
Re. Le.
So. Ch.
So. Le.
Xa. Lu.

Wednesday, June 12th, 9 a.m. Graduation (graduates’ families only), 10 a.m. All-School Party.

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