Timing and Tips for Scholarships

If your family is interested in exploring a scholarship (a.k.a. financial aid) at The Montessori House for the school year starting September, 2020 (2020-21 school year), now is the time to start the process.

(Note, scholarships are no longer available for the current school year that startede September, 2019.)

First, you apply to The Montessori House: please have a look at our Admissions section.  If you haven’t visited the school, we suggest you call us to arrange a tour for yourself (we recommend you come for a tour during the school day without your child, if possible).  Please call or text us at 201-816-8343 to arrange a time.

Starting now you can prepare your scholarship application to Friends of Montessori Foundation.  Your application needs to be completed before March 15, 2020 (for scholarships for the school year starting September, 2020).

Scholarships are provided by The Friends of Montessori Foundation, and they consider your financial need as well as the depth of their own resources when making scholarship decisions.

Note, if you receive an award, it will be be subject to verification of information you submitted; for example receipt and evaluation of 2019 tax returns that you may not have sent to FoM in March.

If Friends of Montessori Foundation cannot meet your calculated need, then you may choose to withdraw and receive a refund of any tuition deposits you may have provided The Montessori House (but no refund of your application fee).  However, if the Foundation meets your need (or determines that you have not demonstrated a financial need), then you would not be eligible for a tuition refund if you decide to withdraw.

Of course, before deciding to reserve a place for your child with a deposit, you can wait to hear from the Foundation regarding your scholarship.  But, without a reservation in place, by we may have filled up your preferred sessions for 2020-21.

Feel free to contact us by e-mail (admissions@themontessorihouse.com) with questions.

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