Tenure at The Montessori House


Montessori Credentials*

Ms. Maria

Director / Montessori Teacher 15 years 18 years


Ms. Donna Montessori Teacher 11 years 13 years Yes
Ms. Marcy Montessori Teacher 6 years 11 years Yes
Ms. Nadia Montessori Teacher 4 years 4 years Yes
Ms. Jessica Montessori Teacher 2 years 2 years Yes
Ms. Monica Montessori Teacher 1 year 25 years YES
Ms. Stephanie Y. Montessori Teacher 2 years 24 years Yes
Ms. Stephanie S.  Enrichment Teacher 2 years 10 years  
Ms. Anna Assistant Montessori Teacher 8 years 21 years  Yes
Ms. Olivia Assistant Teacher 2 years 2 years  
Ms. Anne Marie         Office Administrator 30 years n/a n/a

* An AMS-recognized Montessori credential is the equivalent of a Master’s degree in education. It demands one year of post-bachelors academic coursework plus a 540 hour practicum of supervised teaching experience under the guidance of an experienced Montessori teacher.

All classroom teachers at The Montessori House have current CPR training. Annually each teacher must earn 20 credit hours of Continuing Professional Education.

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