A few years ago, several families with children at The Montessori House formed the Friends of Montessori Foundation.

A not-for-profit foundation, Friends of Montessori has a two-fold purpose:

  1. To promote Montessori education, and
  2. To support special cultural experiences for children in Montessori programs.

Friends of Montessori provides important and valuable support for the children and families of The Montessori House, including :

  • Providing tuition scholarships for families that demonstrate financial need.
  • Sponsoring lectures or workshops for parents on Montessori education and related subjects.
  • Underwriting special cultural programs and field trips for Montessori House students.
  • Purchasing special materials for use by children and teachers in the classroom.

Friends of Montessori Foundation also provides parents a further opportunity for involvement – either as a benefactor or as a volunteer in Friends of Montessori fund-raising activities.   For benefactors, Friends of Montessori provides a tax-deductible vehicle for contributing to the Foundation’s efforts.

Each spring, Friends of Montessori organizes a very enjoyable and successful social event and auction to raise funds.  Volunteers include not only families of current students, but also families of former students, all of whom value Montessori education, The Montessori House, and the beneficial impact of Friends of Montessori Foundation.

Friends of Montessori Foundation is a 501(c)(3) entity which is independent of The Montessori House school.  It is governed separately, with independent trustees who make all decisions regarding fund-raising and use of funds.

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